Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dinner time?

So my cousin and aunt are in town from Texas, so Mum has prepared a big dinner for them to enjoy. This is going to be interesting... like battle of the ED's between my cousin and I. Questions that are going to be racing through both our minds are gonna be like: Who is going to eat the least on their plate? Who looks skinnier? and so on. So stupid I know. Im working on it.
Update: So who won you wonder? Of course she did, I already knew it. I havent eaten a damn thing all day except coffee so I was starving. I did spit the cheese out into my napkin though. I cant tell if she looks thinner or not. HM..

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Brides Collection

"The Brides of Ulysses"showcases the seductive new Bridal Collection for Agent Provocateur's 2009 campaign. These bridal ranges include sumptuous white and cream designs in luxurious lace, alluring sheer tulle and sexy silk."-AgentProvocateur.com

Since I am a lingire fan I had to post this stunning collection! The next time Im in LA or Vegas I need to go there!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Robot Girl

I am so incredibly bored! Omg! yah yah I could be doing homework, but browsing is so much more fun. I want this week to go by quick. Im incredibly excited for Ryan's Housewarming party. I have no worries bringing Ronny with me, he gets along with everyone. This is the first time I feel this way about my boy. It feels good :D
Im excited about seeing all my old friends. A bit nervous, but more impatient because I want to look so hot without even trying!
How funny things have changed since Ive cleaned up.
This is my last post of the night I promise lol..
Robot Girl.
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Is there an age limit on top models?

Rocketrend.com delivered a post that caught my eye about the lovely 15-year-old Polish model Monika Jagaciak and other "under age" girls. Makeup maestro Dick Page says:

“It’s difficult for me to think about a cosmetics idea on someone who is basically a child. I’m not crazy about anonymity in fashion or beauty or the fact that we work with very, very young models because they’re supposed to have the ideal body. They’re like ciphers. Bless them, but I don’t really understand it as an aesthetic"

Rocketrend's blogger also dishes out these racy photos of Monika as well as many of her covers in 2007 where she was only thirteen!

In April of 2008, Monika was banned from walking the runway in Australian Fashion Week as critics and the public were outraged at such a young girl to be booked for the show.
Kirsty Clements, editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia, said that she had withdrawn the teenager from its coverage of Fashion Week after learning of Jagaciak's age. She said that 14 was “young and extreme”. Ms Clements added:
“I mean there's the obvious sexualisation of very young girls ... but also the reason that they are using them so young because they haven't actually developed women's bodies yet. They want them so thin they have to get them pre-pubescent.”
No wonder us girls have freakin eating disorders and coke problems! WOW..

I found the "too sexy" photos that were published in the May 2008 Jalouse Issue. They are hot, but she is only 14 in these picture.. thoughts?
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Plastic Life

These pictures have been on the web since September 2007, but they never cease to amaze me! "PlasticLife" by Vincent Bousserez has captured reality scenarios, in different settings. These are a few of my favorites!Some of them have an "R" rating I suppose, but there are many more!

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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Last night was so much fun! Trinity was getting down and dirty with a lady and Chris was having a full out orgy on the dance floor. I held on tight to Ronny so the girls couldnt pull me out. lol Amsterdam is the shit yo.
Here are some photos of me rockin my corset:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Klepto Shopping

Some days Im an addict. Some days Im a klepto. Some days Im anorexic, bulimic, OCD, menustral, happy, sad, pissed off, joyous, friendly, grateful, and humble. Regular behavior for a 20 something college girl. yes? jk. lol.
Lingire is my weakness. Im an Angels VIP member and dont waste all my credit on the lame PINK collection. Instead, Im always picking up Betsey Johnson's wild babydoll prints and rhine studded thongs or matching satin bra and panties sets that are definatley not practical to wear under clothes.
I dont know what it is about my obsession with pretty lingire; I wear it for me at home and of course for Ron. I believe that every girl needs to do something for herself whether it be a massage or even a pedicure. So I will choose a white lacy panty with satin ribbon trim over a manicure any day. :D
Today I was just a little klepto and scored a few things. First, I peeled the inktag off this gorgoeus lipstick vintage pintuck corest from Bebe's PussyCat Dolls lingire line, originally priced at 98.00.

I also snatched up this itty bra that was only 8.50 at F21. I love all the lace, frills, and Marie Antoinette styles for spring trends.

I actually paid for this adorable striped babydoll also from Bebe's PussyCat Dolls Lingire line. What to wear tonight?!! Im so excited!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Emma Roberts and The Carbon Fiber Heels

Im going to end my friday posts with the lovely Emma Roberts and these Lamborghini Heels! Emma Roberts is Julia Roberts niece that has become a tween icon in films and tele. Im not a big fan of her movies, but I thought she looked amazing in this photo shoot for GQ Magazine. Emma just recently turned 18, so I guess she isnt afraid of some major sex appeal in an innocent way. And Finally, these Limited Edition Torino Lamborghini heels designed by Tom Cooper and Gallardo Superleggera are so freakin sexy! I would totally wear these out. I can just imagine them with skinny jeans or a short black mini. Toodles. xxx


I want my closet to look like this one day! Couture, Couture, Couture, .. isnt it a dream? This picture is in one of the shops of Paper Bag Princess couture, a real shop with fabulous designs.

Sea of Shoes

One of my favorite blogs to follow along, SeaofShoes.com, is Jane's postings of fashion and her unique and vintage style from Balenciaga boots and Givenchy wedges, to trendy jumpsuits and Goodwill treasures. This post of hers caught my eye as she turned this vintage eighties blazer into a fabulous ensemble! I love it! Jane is currently a resident in Austin Texas! I want this teddy bear! Perfect place to stash all of this stuff and maybe even some sticky icky! lol

Photo Courtesy: Seaofshoes.com

Thursday, March 26, 2009

No Smoking

Lily Donaldson and her cute plastic co-star have some play time in the April Issue of Paris Vogue. Mothers Beware. I dont think anyone looks that gorgeous pregnant or struts around in Dior and Chanel heels. I absolutley love it! Shots by Patrick Demarchlier.

Paper Bag

I thought I would take a few moments to give credit to the wonderful photographer, Andrew Todd, who has snapped the modern day paper bag princess. Here are the rest of his pictures. I love them all!
Model: Jena Gogo

Trinkets I love

...Armani's chocolate eggs with monogram logo available at their 5th Avenue location to celebrate Easter.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Heels-on-Wheels, A Perfect Mess and Numero

Theres no Place like home! I absolutly worshipped the OZ movies since the day I was born right down to wearing the ruby slippers and blue gingham dress every day! I got a kick out of these, Heels on Wheels by Hannah Havana.
...Lula Magazine has chosen to publish these quirky, yet fashionable drawings for their Issue number eight. Mary-Kate is wearing Lanvin on my desktop right now, I love it so much! Words by Charlette Sanders. Illustrations by Jonas Lofgren Bildmekanik. The headline is bit hard to see, so this is what it says:
"A Perfect Mess. Beautiful, Bonkers, and much more
fun than po-face minimalism, This season's joyfully Creative Collections make us
want to dress up."

... This month's Numero Magazine has shot a beautiful editorial with models Alana Zimmermen, Alyona Osmanova, and Vika Kuropnyatkova. Photography by Phil Poynter. So soft, delicate, and quite romantic! (below)

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