Tuesday, August 11, 2009

There's no place like home

I had the most wonderful celebration in Sin City! Spending the most time with my love, shopping, dining, drinking, toasting me with Vueve Cliquot, and wearing satin corsets under my dresses and stilettos for three nights straight. The celebration didn’t end; my love came down to spend time with me for two whole weeks! Popping yummy champagne and white wine became a ritual for us as we spent our time in his parents lavish home , bike riding, (way too bloody hot though) swimming, creating delicious dinners on the grill , and going out for sushi, drinks, and pizza! We watched a number of good films and snuggled in those irresistible Egyptian cotton sheets. Thus, I’ve haven’t been updating but I look at all your blogs and of course Fashion Copious.This is me and mum wearing my Bebe tulle overlay sequined mini and Banana Republic Holiday brooch necklace.

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